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Jun 2024
Noah Miller
Los Angeles
United States
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ZERO is a psychological sci-fi short film in the tradition of Solaris, Lost, Annihilation, and many others. During his residency, Noah developed a full script, 22 minute animatic, and completed the Station Zero Orientation video, which plays on-station as a diegetic intro video early in the film. The goal is to create a 20 minute animated film utilizing live actors in concert with AI models to create vid2vid animations that replicate a traditional animation pipeline but allow for the fidelity of emotional human performances. As of July, 2024, ZERO is still in production with ongoing support from Late Night Labs.
The goal of this project is to marry the look of traditional animated films with the more naturalistic performance of actors working together... the collaborative aspect of filmmaking is incredibly important to me and more than anything it's a human process.
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Noah Miller (b. 1985) is a Los Angeles-based writer, director, and animator dedicated to the art of storytelling. Teaching at the California College of Arts and co-owning The Opposition Party production company, Noah brings his expertise to both the classroom and the industry. A graduate of the American Film Institute (AFI), his work reflects a nuanced understanding of narrative craft. With a focus on storytelling, Noah's films showcase his commitment to the subtle art of cinematic expression.
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