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Jun 2024
Arvid Tappert
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Join the Odd Birds as they celebrate their quirky and odd traditions in "The Royal Wedding: An Opera." This short is based on my Odd Birds AI model, trained on my work. I use it to explore new workflows for creating unique Gen AI animations with traditional animation tools. Learn about the process behind the short:
ODD BIRDS website
Developing generative AI models trained only on textures opens up a multitude of possibilities for texturing drawings and animations. This workflow provides a lot of control over the output, allowing for the adjustment and mixing of textures/models with fine control in the Krita AI app.
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Arvid Tappert (b. 1980, Stockholm) is an animator with 25 years in the creative industry, and the artist behind the Odd Birds AI Project. With a background as an Illustrator and now working full time as a Director at Swedish Television for Kids and Youth, Arvid combines his passion for animation, illustration, and storytelling with groundbreaking AI technologies. Through the Odd Birds AI models—trained on his unique blender work—Arvid explores back-to-basics methods to produce consistent, frame-by-frame animation, blending AI with old-school techniques. Prioritizing originality and craftsmanship, he uses Krita AI and ComfyUI to push the boundaries of art and animation, aiming to inspire with each creation.
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