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May 2024
Domenec Miralles
Infinite Mesh
United Kingdom
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Infinite Mesh is both a story generator and an ongoing meditation on automation. From a given prompt, this program outputs a video file and an accompanying comic book. At its heart lies the question: how can a synthesis between large language models and stable diffusion image models create a semblance of originality? Infinite Mesh makes use of human input to achieve this kind of originality. Either in the form of a selection of books made by the author or through the user’s prompt, Infinite Mesh’s architecture of language models is thrown into an indefinite amount of scenarios that lead to virtually infinite variability. The imagery of this piece makes use of a specifically made LoRA, reminiscent of retro anime, slightly distorted, tending to the uncanny. By mixing human stories with AI idiosyncrasies, Infinite Mesh presents a parallel kind of storytelling, one marked by the happy accidents of a ‘blind’ system of language models. With the indefinite or the infinite as its focal point, this program functions as a constant dialogue between users and AI, an ongoing story-making process limited only by its usage.
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"I enjoy AI as a unique voice that distorts that makes objects mixed together it doesn't fully have like the sense we have in terms of distinguishing objects and these kind of things so I looked a bit for that anime retro athetic and glitchy in a way and I'm quite happy with it..."
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Domenec Miralles (b. 1997, Barcelona) is an artist, recently graduated from Goldsmiths University, where he studied cinema, philosophy, and fine art. He specialises in digital media productions, usually powered by different forms of AI. His interests englobe topics such as the bodily image of an end of history, the underlying rhythms of thought around new modes of production, and the phenomenology of working with AI based workflows. He has exhibited across Europe, both individually and with the artistic collective Majin Don Patch.
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